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  • Technology has changed the way that we do business. This is true of nearly every industry, and it is equally true for criminals and con artists. What started as “Nigerian Prince” email scams have evolved into detailed and targeted attacks using our reliance on technology as a weapon against us. In the InfoSec community, we call this “Social Engineering,” “Psychological Attacks,” or “Digital Con-Jobs.” A Difficult Situation It’s Friday afternoon, and your boss emails you, from what looks to be their personal ...Read More »

  • Large breaches of username and password combinations are becoming far more frequent. In the past few years we’ve seen users of LinkedIn, Dropbox, Adobe, Myspace, and now Yahoo! fall victim to hacks of username and password databases. You’re probably thinking “What do I care if someone can get into my Myspace account. I haven’t touched it in 8 years.” Well, who cares indeed? Unless, of course, you’ve used that same email address and password combination somewhere else. Hackers that get their hands ...Read More »