Key Services


Stability and speed are the two biggest issues facing most companies when they call us for the first time. Our consultants can help you achieve these goals through routine maintenance and emergency support on an as-needed basis. 

  • We can work with you to create a preventative maintenance plan that can be implemented by our consultants or your own employees.
  • We can support you through on-site visits and a variety of remote management tools that allow us to monitor, maintain and troubleshoot your servers, workstations, and Internet connections often within minutes of your phone call.
  • We are available by phone, pager, and email during normal business hours, and also offer after hours support plans to match your business needs.

On-site Installation:

Whether you need to migrate your company to OS X, move from sneaker-net to a server-based workflow, expand an existing storage array or SAN, or design and install a new wired or wireless network, we can help you do it with the least amount of impact to your daily operations while watching your bottom line.

Our consultants are experts at the smallest installation of a new hand held device, to cross-platform integration of Macintosh and Windows systems, to installations of a new server and multi-terabyte storage, to enterprise class installations of 10+ terabyte SANs with netbooting-servers.

Are you moving to a new location or expanding your existing space to accommodate your business’ growth? We can design and manage the installation of a CAT5e, CAT6, Fibre Channel, or wireless network to match your immediate needs and allow for maximum future growth.

Internet Connectivity:

Our consultants can help you evaluate your Internet connection needs for speed, price, technology options, providers, and cost.

Need to find a new hosting provider for your website and email? With the thousands of choices out there, the task can be daunting. Because we know the right questions to ask, we can develop a list of your needs and then help you find a hosting company to fill those needs for a comfortable price.

Need to move from dial-up to DSL or from DSL to a T1? Our consultants can help you sort through all of the price and feature options, then manage the installation for you with the provider of your choice.

Is DSL not available in your area but a T1 line is too expensive? We can help you implement a high-speed wireless connection with the speed of a T1 for a fraction of the cost.


Do your employees and coworkers have notes all over their monitors with phone numbers?

Are you maintaining lists of clients and vendors in several different places?

Do you work at home and often call the office for a phone number?

We can help you get the most out of the software you already have through end-user training, or implement a new company wide solution for improved efficiency.

Often one of the biggest roadblocks to efficient daily operations is ensuring your employees have the information they need in an easily used and maintained fashion. Automation of repetitive tasks can also alleviate some of the burden from your staff.

We can help you decide how and where to implement these kinds of solutions.

Disaster Recovery:

Being based in Los Angeles, we know that a well-designed disaster recovery plan can make or break a business when the next earthquake hits.

Whether you need to backup a single desktop computer, a traveling laptop, or a suite full of Macintosh, Windows, and handheld devices, we can help insure that your data, and therefore your business, will be protected.

Of course backups are critical, but simply having a backup does not do you any good if it will take several days to recover all of your data and get back to work. Your clients don’t want to wait several days, and you could lose business.

It’s not a question of IF a hard drive will fail; it’s a question of when. Data loss of some kind is inevitable, no matter what the cause.

We can evaluate your needs based on the systems to be backed up, the amount of data you need at your fingertips, and your budget.

Server Monitoring:

Do you provide Internet-based servers and services for your clients? Do you really want to find out the server is down because a client called when they couldn’t retrieve a file they needed yesterday?

We offer remote monitoring and notifications services for these types of situations. We have two servers, in two different cities that can monitor your email, web, FTP, file, FileMaker Pro, DNS, or dozens of other kinds of servers, and notify you, or us, or both, in the event of a failure.

Want the piece of mind that they are running, but don’t want to be woken up in the middle of the night?

We can configure our services to notify you during the day, but wake us up in the middle of the night so we can have it back up before you leave for the office in the morning.

Notification options include email, alphanumeric paging, text messaging, and instant messaging and can be configured to monitor with virtually any timetable you desire. They can even let you know when the server is back up, without you having to think about it.