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Flexible Relationships

Our goal is to ensure all your technological needs are met. What sets us apart is how we accomplish our objective:

  • We believe in a collaborative process, where asking questions is paramount. You have questions about technology and we have questions about your needs, goals and desires.
  • We examine your current systems. Through the combination of solid detective work and some tried and true automated tools, we dig into your existing infrastructure to learn all we can about how you use technology.
  • We look towards the future. To avoid making dead-end decisions, we need to understand where you think your business will be next quarter, next year, and three years from now. We want results that you can grow into, not out of.
  • We communicate. It sounds simple, but often gets overlooked. We work hard to establish a paradigm of communication and focus on setting expectations and understanding results.
  • We deliver. We have many clients with whom we have been working with for over a decade, and some since the day we opened our doors back in 2003. 98% of our business comes from referrals, and we have an average annual client retention rate of 96.7% over the last 10 years. That only happens if you deliver on your word.

The support plans that we offer are tailored to be able to match the kind of relationship style you are looking to establish with us, and not just on technology. Considering your cultural preferences, including how you like to work and who you have available internally, will help to narrow down which support plan is the optimal fit.

Proactive Maintenance

The Proactive Maintenance plan is ideal if you have someone on your team capable of handling the first tier of the desktop support and only sometimes needs a little help. We install our agents to quietly work in the background, running maintenance, keeping asset inventory, and deploying software updates and security patches so your team’s systems are up to date and secure. Any maintenance, troubleshooting or consulting support for your network, servers, and workstations is handled on an as-needed basis, pulling from your monthly block of hours that’s included. We work with you to identify employees on your team whom are authorized to request this work and/or authorize requests from other staff members. This allows you to handle some of the day to day on your workstations and leave the heavy lifting to us.

Unused hours can be rolled over. If your business already has an internal IT team, this would serve as the optimal plan to further compliment your existing team by adding support to specialized projects as well as when a specific skill set is called for.

Proactive Maintenance Plus

The Proactive Maintenance Plus option steps our involvement up a level, with a blended structure of some fixed-fee services to maintain your servers and network infrastructure, and a set number of monthly support hours for other needs. Backup systems are also monitored and test restores are performed to ensure your data will be there when you need it. Like Proactive Maintenance, any troubleshooting or consulting support is handled on an as-needed basis, pulling from your monthly block of hours that’s included.

If you prefer to act as a gatekeeper for your desktop needs, and leave regular, proactive server, backup and network maintenance and monitoring to us, then the Proactive Maintenance Plus plan could be the perfect fit for your business.

Managed Services

If your company culture would benefit and thrive with structured and standardized technology systems, and predictable IT support costs, then Managed Services is the goal. Your servers and workstations are an integral part of your daily business. In addition to receiving unlimited remote and on-site support, we monitor your servers and workstations daily, looking for any small warning signs before downtime strikes.

By choosing this option, you are also giving your team direct access to our team for any of their desktop support needs, because it’s included in the plan. This reduces your administrative overhead of having to consider and approve each support request through your gate-keeper, thus resulting in much faster turn-around for your team when they are in need.

With Any of Our Plans

We can also work with your team to establish a rhythm of Quarterly Business Reviews, recapping our recent efforts while also looking to the future for your upcoming needs. As you establish this habit, your understanding of your technology budget needs will increase and become far more predictable, giving you piece of mind that your assets are being protected.