Remote Support

When smaller issues arise, we can often resolve them via remote support. Because we are always conscious of security concerns, we typically have secure remote access to our clients via a combination of a VPN (Virtual Private Network) and some encrypted remote support software. However, in these days of travel and working via a laptop from home, a hotel, or maybe even a coffee shop, a predictable method of remote access is not always possible.

Therefore to ensure that we can support our clients regardless of their geographic location, we have invested in a tool that allows us to connect to them remotely, while still remaining encrypted and therefore safe. If you find your self in this position, simply download the appropriate Mac or Windows version of the software to your computer and launch it. The simplicity of this software is fantastic; nothing gets installed, and the password is dynamically generated each time you launch it. This means you don’t have to worry about your computer being comprimised because you can simply delete the software as soon as we have resolved your issue.

Quick Downloads

If you are a Mac user in need of support, click here.

If you are a Windows user in need of support, click here.