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A Cross Platform
IT Team
Focused on business environments
that use both Mac and PC Computers.
We believe User experience has to be on the forefront
of any technology decision.
We believe Productivity thrives when you pick the right tools
for your business.

Our Process

Founded over 15 years ago, Second Son Consulting is proud to support small to medium sized businesses in the greater Los Angeles area with the core belief that no two companies are the same, making each of our answers and solutions unique to your business. At Second Son Consulting, we’re not here to sell you on the latest cloud services, the most feature packed antivirus, or to integrate the hottest chat client. In fact, we don’t sell any hardware or software at all.

We believe that when employees have access to powerful, yet simple to use tools, they become happier and more engaged and that’s what we’re here to do – create a tailored technology environment that fits today’s needs with an eye on tomorrow that touches everything from secure back-end servers, to the nimble Mac and PCs on each desk, and mobile deployment like iPhone and iPad that will make your company more connected and secure.

No matter the project you’re ready to take on, we’re here to make it run more smoothly by understanding your needs and environment. From improved workflows to secured networks, our process was created to be structured yet flexible – a curated plan of attack for any of your projects, making technology work for you.


Key Services

Cross-Platform Collaboration

93% of our clients utilize both macOS and Windows, allowing each employee to use the best tool for their role. As a cross-platform company ourselves, not only can we guide you through your technology and workflow needs—from naming conventions, to back-up solutions, to font management—but we ensure that the tools you choose work in harmony together.

Mobile & Remote Solutions

Remote productivity is essential in business today. Video conferencing, secure mobile data access, remote backup, and mobile device security are often key considerations for elevating productivity and security. Let us help optimize your company’s remote needs; 50% of our staff is on the road each and every day—it’s part of our DNA.

Workflow & Data Management

Whether it’s working on a new server, using an unfamiliar software platform, or moving to the cloud, we’re there for your company at every step to ensure a positive, coherent experience, unanimous team buy-in, and a smooth deployment

Network Design & Security

Keeping your company’s network stable and secure is key. At Second Son, we have over 200+ network designs under our belt, ranging from five to 300 person office spaces, fully functioning warehouses, and presentation spaces. We uphold industry standards for a practical design and implementation tailored to fit your needs.

Cloud Solutions

We’ve found the best approach to cloud migration is first finding the solution that best fits your needs, goals, and budget—and then focusing on the actual day-to-day experience and long-term benefits to ensure both a comprehensive understanding and seamless move.

Office Moves

Investing in a new office space requires a great deal of planning, thought, and creativity. Our team focuses on facilitating strong and flexible network infrastructure build outs, powerful meeting spaces, best integration practices, and reliable, secure Wi-Fi to prepare for the road ahead.

IT Audits & Assessments

Is your security as safe as it needs to be? Should your team be using their own computers and phones? Is your backup system capturing what you think it is? We help you understand the foundation of your company’s current technology systems with an eye towards helping you build a solid IT infrastructure that grows with your business.

Technology Lifecycle & Budgeting

An IT budget not only allows you to better understand how your technology investment is maintained over time, it also provides key insight into how to support future growth and forecasts what you’ll need to achieve your goals. We help lay the foundation—whether it’s your annual IT budget or project—providing assistance at every step.

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