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Essential Services Provider

Monday, March 23rd, 2020

To whom it may concern,

Since Monday 23 March 2020, the guidance at, has been regularly updated to specify what constitutes essential services and businesses, including their technology needs. Telecommunications, as well as Network Operations, has been identified as essential in the essential services list under “Communications and Information Technology.”

Our company, Second Son Consulting, Inc., provides such services, and has put in place government recommended safety measures such as working from home for appropriate employees, physical distancing and appropriate hygiene/PPE practices. By traveling out to one of our clients, many of whom are also “Essential Services,” this employee enables other members of the community to remain at home and reduce the risk of COVID-19 exposure and transmission, while enabling their businesses to continue providing their service to the larger community.

Law Enforcement: If you have any further questions about the essential services status of our company, please direct all enquiries to me by phone: 818-988-5231 x2 during standard business hours of 9 am to 6 pm Monday through Friday, or via email to If my employee happens to be working outside of our standard business hours, which is sometimes required, they have my direct mobile number (you can confirm it is mine because it ends in 4211) and you may call me on that number instead.

Please do not approach staff directly for comment or query. Please help keep yourself and our staff safe by practicing physical distancing.

Rob Calvert

Note: We are considered Essential Services as per the “COMMUNICATIONS AND INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY“ section found at