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Rob Calvert and Second Son Consulting are simply the best. Believe it or not, my professional relationship with Rob is one of the longest at my fifteen-year-old company—he’s that good! We’ve grown by leaps and bounds and he’s kept up and scaled with us. How can I count the ways: Mac and PC fluent. Hardware and software knowledgeable. Knows systems architecture and wiring. Translates tech into English. Knows exactly how much—and how little—execs want to hear. Mindful of budgets, but also cautious of potential disasters. Strategic and tactical. Keeps up on the industry and on his certifications, but still readily available. I’ll admit it: I’m not always easy, so there aren’t that many people I could recommend this highly, but Rob is one of them. Call me. I’ll talk your ear off.

Jen Bilik

Head Honcho, Knock Knock