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Our Process

Our Process

Founded over 15 years ago, Second Son Consulting is proud to support small to medium sized businesses in the greater Los Angeles area with the core belief that no two companies are the same, making each of our answers and solutions unique to your business. At Second Son Consulting, we’re not here to sell you on the latest cloud services, the most feature packed antivirus, or to integrate the hottest chat client. In fact, we don’t sell any hardware or software at all.

We believe that when employees have access to powerful, yet simple to use tools, they become happier and more engaged and that’s what we’re here to do – create a tailored technology environment that fits today’s needs with an eye on tomorrow that touches everything from secure back-end servers, to the nimble Mac and PCs on each desk, and mobile deployment like iPhone and iPad that will make your company more connected and secure.

No matter the project you’re ready to take on, we’re here to make it run more smoothly by understanding your needs and environment. From improved workflows to secured networks, our process was created to be structured yet flexible – a curated plan of attack for any of your projects, making technology work for you.


What matters to you? What would be your definition of success? We’ll dig in deep to understand what your ideal human experience is and how technology can help improve your operation.


Your business and your team culture is unique. We’ll work closely with you to review solution options, way the pros and cons, and pick the end-user experiences and results that will matter most for your business and anticipate your technology needs with intuitive, secure, and powerful tools.


Once we’ve narrowed down the plan, it’s time to make it happen. No matter whether we’re designing and installing a network or transitioning to a new server, it’s imperative that you feel confident using it. During this phase we’ll be able to work out any kinks and pave the way for a smooth full-scale implementation that disrupts your business in a good way.


This is when the magic happens. We’ll come to you with our boots on the ground approach to deploy your tailored solution and ensure every piece of hardware and software is working as intended.


Our deployments are part technical, part educational. That’s why each of our projects comes with the tools and information to maintain the highest level of productivity. From system details, to technical documentation, to orientation packets, every level of the company from the CEO to the newest hire will have literature to turn to.


We’ll be involved with your company as little or as much as you want –From the very first call and long after a deployment. This gives you the confidence to run your business, knowing that there’s someone there to answer your questions with phone calls, emails, or in-person support.